Sunday, April 24, 2016

What is a trapped emotion?

Did you know negative energies can become trapped in the body during emotionally charged events?

Because the body is actually made of pure energy negative trapped emotions can cause a damaging force on the body, which worsens over time. Trapped emotions can cause pain, self sabotage, emotional problems and all kinds of malfunction and dis-ease.

How can we get rid of trapped emotions?

The subconscious mind is the ultra computer system of the body; it knows just what we need to do to be happy and healthy. The Transformation Code uses specific questioning and muscle testing (kinesiology) to find the trapped emotions that need to be cleared. After the trapped emotion is identified it is ready to be released. To do this, we set an intention to release the emotion. That charged intention is energetically placed into the body through the Governing Meridian, then it is directed through the body and releases the emotion.

What is the Transformation Code?

It is  non-invasive, totally safe and requires very little time and effort on your part. No digging up the past is required, which makes it very cost effective as compared to other kinds of therapy. It creates a state of balance within your body and energy field so that true and profound healing can take place. Everything that is discussed or discovered is always confidential.

What can you expect from a session?

Most people say the Transformation Code helps them feel lighter and more free, but we frequently see the disappearance of health and emotional issues, too. Your results will depend on how many trapped emotions you have and how quickly your body responds after they are removed. Releasing  trapped emotions helps restore balance to the body so your body's natural healing ability will be allowed to return. This means you will be able to recover gently from your ailments and gain a stronger immune system, too!

Where to start?

The first step is to set up an appointment. You can start with a consultation  if you want to move more slowly or you can choose to dive right in with a full session. I will support you in whatever direction you feel is best for you. During your first session we can discuss the options to either target a particular problem, or you can keep it more general and request to address the imbalances that are keeping you from achieving your true potential. You don't need to know much about how it works - just be ready, willing and open to heal.

What will you receive?

You will receive a written report after your session, detailing what was done and including any suggestions for further care.

Still curious if the Transformation Code is for you or not?

I offer a 30 minute, no-charge consultation. This gives you the opportunity to learn about how the Transformation Code techniques can help restore overall health and balance. Together we will pinpoint and release up to 3 trapped emotions.

I invite you to schedule a session with me by emailing Please include your name, phone number and the best time to call.  I look forward to being part of your journey to health and wellness.

Cheering you on!!!

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